Wooldridge Restored

Wooldridge Restore - After

Wooldridge Restore - After

Finished the restoration of a badly rusted out Wooldridge Doepke.  More pictures ….

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Doepke Unit Crane / Smith Miller Truck Combo

Recently found on ebay.  Great custom truck

Rare Custom Doepke Unit Excavator


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Doepke Wooldridge Restoration Update

Rust Damage Repaired, New Bumper added (Could not rescue the old bumper due to extreme rust damage).

Doepke Custom Euclid Scraper

In 2005 I found a rear scraper component and a very badly damaged front end from a Euclid Bottom Dump.  The rust on these was enough to say give up.  In the end after some time consuming sanding and polishing and paint a master was born.

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Doepke D6 – Bulldozer

Nice Up Close Shot of Track Ready to Be Installed

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Doepke Wooldridge Restoration- Part I Dis-assembly

Most of the parts had excessive wear but the bumper with its rust had to be cut off with the torch

Check out the Unit Crane in the background.

We tried to save the bumper but the bumper is almost like tissue paper.   The box frame will need some extensions.  Thoughts on this fabrication will be to do a custom tube bar.   Other thoughts are to do a complete remanufacturer of the bumper.


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