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Doepke Unit Crane / Smith Miller Truck Combo

Recently found on ebay.  Great custom truck


Rare Custom Doepke Unit Excavator


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Doepke Custom Euclid Scraper

In 2005 I found a rear scraper component and a very badly damaged front end from a Euclid Bottom Dump.  The rust on these was enough to say give up.  In the end after some time consuming sanding and polishing and paint a master was born.

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Doepke Unit Crane (Custom)

Notice the Grill Work, Piping and Undercarriage.  Awesome Work!!!

Custom Unit Excavator – Green Shovel

Green Excavator

Found this one on the internet years ago. If anyone has any details please share. What I do know is that it was built from a Unit 357.

Thank you CCM:  The track mounted equivalent to the UNIT 357, whether used as a crane, hoe, or shovel, was designated as a UNIT 514. With the release of the CCM track assemblies, collectors were inspired to create toy machines of their own, like this scratch built UNIT cable hoe built from an original Doepke crane cab with a solid steel boom, equalizer and custom paint job with UNIT factory striping.