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Great Custom Scraper


Custom Heiliner Scraper & Euclid Bottom Dump

Dr. John Thiel created this wonderful version. The front of a Heiliner Scraper, Engine from a Marx Toy, and the rear section from a Euclid Bottom Dump have joined together to create a really cool version of this nice toy. If anyone has a clearer picture please send!


Notice the details like the exhaust, sun canopy, and engine

Custom Doepke Euclid Hauler with Quad Wheel Setup

Interesting Quad Wheel Euclid Bottom Dump Setup.  This custom version of what looks like a Euclid Bottom Dump tractor with the addition of a 5 wheel and the trailer from a Woolbridge with the addition of an extra set of wheels.  Interesting restoration job and great quality with  the custom exhaust on the tractor.  I found this surfing the web in 2004 and thought I would share it with everyone.


Great Doepke Summary

“Model Toys were made by the Charles William Doepke
Company, Inc. of Rossmoyne, Ohio. The name is correctly
pronounced “Dep-key.” When they first appeared on the market
in 1946 they simply stunned the toy industry. There were no
other toys on the market that came even close to the quality,
scale, size, and realism of these “Model Masterpieces” of the